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The Cut Off

Yeah, I got some niggas that still owe me an apology I’ma be the bigger man just like I always be Eventually but right now that’s hard for me I’m dreaming violent, I can’t tolerate disloyalty So I’ma see you… Continue Reading →

Want to want

I do not understand people who often seek out advice. Yes, I know different opinions shade more light on a dilemma but I’m an Olivia Pope; I trust my gut more than anything. I’ll wear an insanely shredded trouser and… Continue Reading →

When to walk away

Saddenz: Hello everybody and welcome back to yet another episode of GalHack, once again we are your hosts Saddenz, Tummery, Cloe, and Lulu. Four very opinionated young adults who will help you shade more light on those simple things you… Continue Reading →

The scourge

My sister has an alien entity on her forehead, an ugly self imposing stranger clearly misplaced on her pretty complexion. But this is not about this stranger but about the reaction it arouses in everyone else who sees her, especially… Continue Reading →

She into you?

Saddenz: Hello everybody and welcome to our pilot episode for the show ‘GalHack’. I’m your lead host Saddenz and here with me Tummery, Cleo and lulu. GalHack is a show that will give you an insight on an average girl’s… Continue Reading →

Necessary or not

“I don’t like my mind right now, stacking up problems that are so unnecessary” –The first line to one of those songs written from the heart to another. Linkin Park feat kiiara on Heavy. Driving yourself thinking everything is not… Continue Reading →


Tori Kelly ~ Anyway (good lyrics) look out for the song. If I said I’m difficult sometimes Say whatever comes to my mind Would you stay with me any anyway? If you knew I made a lot of noise Say… Continue Reading →

Find a voice/shine a light

I rarely do this but as a female and somewhat concerned citizen, I feel I should throw in a word or two about this latest incident at Makerere (the greatest institution we have) that is supposed to carry more weight… Continue Reading →

The Phase

You know one of those days you wake up feeling like the world should just stop dangling around like it has nothing better to do? Feeling like everything should just stop working like a puppet on strings following orders no… Continue Reading →


All my friends say I am a sucker. What can I say? It’s complicated. What is the point of playing a whistle for dog? Or asking any straight man the shades of blue? Why everything was created in pairs, why… Continue Reading →

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